A Mid-week Note on All This Negativity — and All This Celebrity!

his week we’re looking at attack ads and the values they contained. We started with McCain’s “Celeb” ad, painting Obama as a shallow, publicity-seeking celebrity and comparing him to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
   We continued with Paris Hilton’s rejoinder, which starts by calling McCain “the oldest celebrity in the world.”

   In our Comments this week, Greg argues that McCain’s attack ads come from his desperation: “When campaigns and candidates get desperate, they do desperate things. This ad (“Celeb”) is all about trying take Obama down, in any way that they can.” McCain is attempting to make Obama look too different
to qualify for the nation’s highest office.
   As Greg says, “This is an attempt to turn all the attention on Obama, so McCain can be the ‘I’m not Barak Obama’ candidate. Oh, and, ‘I forgot, McCain looks
like all of us white guys, and Obama doesn’t.’ “
   Ms. Aquino-Hughes reminds us that Latinos get left out of the black-white racial dynamic.
   And this happens even while McCain and Obama court the Latino vote. She argues that “if Obama had been Latino he would have ‘never’ made it into the national or local media news scene.” Food for thought.

   Keep reading! We’ll look at some more attack ads coming from both sides this week. Friday we’ll conclude with what I really think is going on here.
Stayed tuned and tell us what you think!


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