A Story of Selflessly Sharing Spuds and a Question: What are you grateful for?

Digging potatoes together
ake a moment and add a Comment — in this case, I’d like you to add a short note of thankfulness to our growing “Gratitude Journal.” It’s true that the turkey may be history and the family may have gone home, but let’s not let the hopeful theme of this week fade just yet.
    I’m grateful for all the heartfelt contributions from readers this week on gratefulness.
    To inspire you, I want to share this story from Colorado. I am thankful that people like the Millers live and act in our world.
    Last weekend, Joe Miller and his wife, who are farmers near Denver, Colorado, opened their fields to area residents, offering the opportunity to gather the potatoes, carrots, beets, and onions that remained after the harvest. Joe expected 5,000 people to show up for what he called a “free weekend.” But, more than 40,000 people visited his fields on Saturday, gathering an estimated 500,000 pounds of produce. Not a spud was left by the end of the day.

    NPR pitched this story as a “sign of the economic times.” Perhaps it is. But what I see is a noble act of generosity – of those with more helping those with less. Even more, the Millers shared their bounty with strangers, making it an act of generosity of the highest order. (Listen to the NPR the story here.)

    Tell us your stories of generosity, big or small.  And, tell us what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving week!
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