After the debate, have you made your choice for President?

Northlawn1987Have you made your choice for president? I’m
beginning to wish the election were next Tuesday so we can just get on with it.
How about you?
    The big news from the presidential
debate in Nashville was: no news. It wasn’t the game changer McCain needed, or that
some viewers hoped for. Obama won the
debate, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll of debate
watchers. Over half—54%—gave the edge to Obama; only 30% of viewers said McCain
did better than Obama.

     Despite the numbers, it was a lackluster win. Not much new was said. The same themes were hammered on. In fact, the day after the debate seemed like a slow news day in the political season. Some wrote stories about McCain’s reference to Obama as “that one” during the debate. The LA Times ran a
story about the candidates’ body language during the debate. Body language experts give Obama the edge. Ho
    Have you made up your mind about who to vote for? Are you waiting for the last presidential debate next week in New York to learn more?

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