Aging in America: Do we feel younger as we get older?

Hands young and old The answer is: Yes. That’s according to Pew’s new survey on aging in America. The older we get, the younger we feel.
    DrJay1941 would agree: “Having arrived at an ‘old’ 68, I suspect that the old saw about being as old as you feel is true. I don’t feel 68.” Sixty-eight is the average of all the responses to Pew’s question about when old age starts, as I pointed out Monday.
    Gwynn Sterken put it well: “Old age is: 20 years older or more than you are currently. It’s relative.”
    Ron Amen agrees: “In less than two weeks I will celebrate my 64th birthday anniversary. Do I consider myself old? Not really. Mentally I feel no different now than I did 30 or 40 years ago.” (Ron—you mentioned in your Comment that you’re thinking of using a hair darkener. My hair keeps graying for some strange and unknown reason, so I’m thinking of doing the same thing. Let me know if it works.)
    Both Ron Amen and Mona Amen offered touching and heartfelt comments about their own parents. Mona, for instance, talked about reciprocating the love and sacrifice her mother gave her.
    Phyllis Rector, too, noted the same. “My mom depends on us children for emotional support and love. She is 91 and needs us a lot for her daily activities.”
    Missy Buchanan, who writes regularly about aging, talked about a 95-year-old friend who asked her to post a “Do Not Resuscitate” order at her bedside. At first this saddened me, but then I realized that it represented something I noted earlier this week—aging is inevitable, but we always get to make choices.
    “Old ‘R’ Us,” says David Crumm. America is aging.

    My thanks to all of our readers who shared their personal stories and reflections this week! AND, I still welcome your thoughts through the weekend. This has been a spirited discussion this week.
    How young do you feel today?
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