Almost Christian: Do you dare to take the test?

All week we’ve been exploring the thesis in “Almost Christian” that most Christian young people have adopted a pleasant, self-focused, undemanding, consumer-oriented version of the religion. (Scroll down the right margin to read our earlier posts.)

The author of the book blames adults for fostering and foisting this soft-serve version of Christianity. This is where she departs from her data on the religious beliefs and practices of teenagers to deliver a sermon on who is to blame and what needs to be done to make things right.

So, ready to take the test?

But there is a way to test her idea that American teens got their watered-down version of Christianity from adults. Pew conducted a survey of adults earlier this year on religious knowledge—a battery of questions about Christianity and other world religions. The adults with the highest knowledge of Christianity were Mormons and evangelical Protestants. And those are the two groups of American teens who have the highest levels of religious devotion and integration of faith and life. 


Do you dare to test your own religious knowledge? Pew offers a shortened version of their survey online. (Click here to take the quiz.) I took my own dare, scoring in the top 1% of American adults.

How about you?

Take the quiz and tell us how you scored!

Please, tell us about it by clicking “Comment” below.

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