Animal Rights: Do you think of your pet as a family member?

DO you have a cat or dog (or other animal) as a pet? Americans own about 70 million dogs and 74 million cats, according to the U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. And the majority of pet owners (63%) think of their pets as family members. Do you?20130425-_MG_4173

This week, we’ve discussed the fact that a growing number of Americans think that animals should have the same rights as humans, how Wal-Mart has adopted the Five Freedoms to govern its supply chain, and introduced the Faith Outreach program of the Humane Society of the United States. Today, we conclude the series by considering how concerned Americans are for different types of animals.five freedoms

Consider the following types of animals. How concerned are you about the way each type is currently treated? Which ones are you the most concerned about? The least concerned?

  • Animals used in research
  • Animals used in competitive animal sports/contests
  • Animals in the circus
  • Livestock and other animals raised for food
  • Marine animals in amusement parks/aquariums
  • Household pets
  • Animals in the zoo
1st and 3rd images provided by Paul Hile. Middle image provided by the ASPCA.

1st and 3rd images provided by Paul Hile. Middle image provided by the ASPCA.

Americans are the most concerned about the treatment of animals used in research, according to the Gallup poll we’ve consulted all week. Americans are least concerned about how animals in zoos are treated.

The degree of concern about the other types of animals fall between animals used in research and zoo animals. In fact, I sorted the list from high to low concern, based on Gallup’s statistics about the percentage of Americans who said they were “very concerned” about each of these types.

How concerned are you about the welfare of animals?

Should animals have the same rights as humans?

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