Anything you liked in the Noughties? How about these hot trends?


Iphone Was there anything at all we liked about the Noughties? How about this list of social and technological trends?

Big events like the 9/11 attacks are vivid moments that colored our views of the entire decade. But social and technological changes that unfolded slowly during the decade also have an effect.

Are there social or technological changes in the Noughties that you feel were changes for the better? Take a look at this list and—before you read about the poll results—jot down your own assessment.

Which of the following do you consider changes for the better?

Cell phones

Green practices 


The Internet

Increasing racial/ethnic diversity

Increased surveillance/security

There are quite a few changes or trends that Americans feel were for the better, report pollsters at the Pew Research Center. (We’ve relied on their data all week—scroll down to see earlier posts.)

In fact, a majority of Americans feel positive about each of the items listed above—and there are some that we really like.

Most Americans say cell phones—which increased in use dramatically during the ‘00s—are a change for better. Almost 70% think so, with only 14% saying cell phones were a change for the worse.

Green practices are also viewed as changes for the better—68% of Americans said so, with only 7% having a negative view.

Email and the Internet are right up there—65% of more approving of each one.

Many see increasing racial/ethnic diversity is as a good change (61%), along with increased surveillance/security (58%).

Just over half of Americans say that BlackBerrys/iPhones, online shopping, news & entertainment choices, and genetic testing are good changes.

Where do you stand on these changes?
    In your assessment, are these changes for the better—or simply more evidence to support a dim view of the Noughties?


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