Are you proud of America this week? This is what you’re saying …

O readers have been responding to events this week. There’s still time! Please, click on the “Comment” link above and leave a few words marking this moment in our history.
    On Election Day, I asked: What color is America today? readers answered: It’s beyond the divides of red/blue and black/white.
    Cindy L: “I believe Obama himself wishes that there were one color to represent true unity.”
    David C offered what seems an unusual color, at first: orange. It makes a lot of sense. Orange was the warm, perfect fall day in the Midwest that was our Election Day and the mood of the local electorate: “The sun was bright and the people standing around the limits of the campaigning space near the polls were cheery in a way I hadn’t remembered in past elections. I hope we are in a new era when lines are being redrawn and new colors and new spirits are emerging.”
    Kathy Macdonald agreed: “I love the … statement about this election being orange. We do not need another red or blue, black or white, or any other set of dividing colors.

    Then I asked: What human moments did you see?
    Mary Biedron: “My husband, daughter, and I all voted at different times during the day and all were struck by how many people, particularly but not solely people of color, brought children and grandchildren to be present with them as they voted. One family made a point to take photos of the children at the polling place. My 20 year old, voting in her first presidential election, told me ‘This was so important. I feel so proud.’
    David C: “I don’t recall the expansive sense of optimism about the potential for change that I’m seeing even 48 hours after Election Day…” and, reporting about a conversation with a veteran columnist, he said, “a surprising number of people actually recall their ‘number’ in the polling place—as if there was a historic awareness of the small details of the day that is lingering.”
    “What I saw,” said J J Bodine,“was a nation maturing into at least a part of its vision.

    I’ve always been proud to be an American. I’m even prouder now. How about you?   

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