Bad Politics: Think Washington’s broken? You’re not alone …


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he vast majority of Americans are disgusted with the bad politics in Washington these days, according to a new McClatchy-Ipsos poll. (Watch a video about the poll here.)


“Overall, the poll suggests a level of disgust with politics as usual,” says a senior vice president with the polling firm. “Americans are basically angry at incumbents and Washington. This isn’t necessarily directed at any one party. I have my doubts about whether the Democrats will be obliterated. Yes, they’ll lose seats, but there is a general backlash against all incumbents.”

In fact, 80% of Americans say that Washington is broken. It can’t get things done because of the partisanship, bickering, and fighting. Only 17% say that Washington is not broken.

Who’s to blame?

About one third (33%) blame the Republicans; 27% blame the Democrats. Which party do you blame?

The good news is that the poll found an overwhelming consensus among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents: They all agree that Washington is broken, according to the poll. About 80% of each group said so.

Pessimism is also widely held. Over 60% of Americans say that things in the U.S. are heading in the wrong track, up from 48% a year ago.

How about you? Have you gotten more pessimistic about the future of America?


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