Birth Control: Is this really the ‘Polarization’ problem? the FirstRead image above to visit the NBC website if you are to read that complete story.It’s the “Age of Polarization,” proclaimed NBC’s FirstRead yesterday, referring to the dramatic recall contest in Wisconsin. The battle between Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is “just the latest chapter in this current Age of Polarization.” Tuesday night, we learned that Walker survived this challenge—but that doesn’t mean Wisconsin’s polarization suddenly has evaporated.

Birth control has emerged this year with some activists pushing it to become a political hot button throughout the presidential campaign. We began on Monday exploring this complex issue.

But, today it’s timely to ask: Is birth control really fueling this Age of Polarization?
The answer is:
Not hardly, if you look at what Republicans, Democrats, and Independents think of the issue. Eighty-seven percent of Republicans say it’s morally acceptable. So do 89% of Independents and 90% of Democrats, according to the new Gallup poll we are discussing this week.

What are the truly divisive issues?
Gallup looked at 18 potential controversial issues, along with birth control. The big divides are:
Death penalty
Almost two-thirds of Republicans say it is morally acceptable. Fewer than half of Democrats (42%) agree.
Medical testing on animals Almost seven of ten (69%) of Republicans say it is morally acceptable, while only 48% of Democrats say the same.

The positions of support are reversed for other issues that represent big divides:
Having a baby outside of marriage
Over six of ten (64%) of Democrats say it is morally acceptable, compared to only 35% of Republicans.
Gay or lesbian relations
Two-thirds (66%) of Democrats say this is morally acceptable, but only 36% of Republicans agree.
Abortion Just over half (52%) of Democrats say abortion is morally acceptable. Just over two of ten (22%) Republicans agree.

Are you surprised that Republicans and Democrats agree on birth control?

Why do you think these other issues are so divisive?


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