Boomerang Generation: Pessimistic about their future? the smile? Surprising numbers of young adults remain quite optimistic.Moving back home with the parents is usually not part of a young adult’s life plan. But record numbers of young adults are returning home, as we’ve discussed this week, causalities of the prolonged poor economy.

How do they feel about their future prospects?
Are they pessimistic?

Here’s what the data show: Few in this Boomerang Generation say that returning home has been bad for relationships with their parents. It may be a surprise to learn that many say it’s been a good thing, according to the new Pew report on the Boomerang Generation. Yesterday and the day before on, we’ve discussed the give-and-take that occurs between young adults and their parents. Parents provide food, shelter, and a respite from the bad economy; young adults help out around the house, some contribute to utility bills, and a few pay actual rent.

It may be even more surprising to know that the Boomerang Generation is upbeat and optimistic about the future, according to the Pew report.

Over eight of ten young adults (83%) living with their parents predicts they will have enough income in the future, even if they don’t have enough now. Just about the same proportion (84%) of young adults who aren’t living with their parents are just as optimistic about the economic prospects.

This means that young adults—whether they are back home with parents or not—are much more optimistic about their economic future than adults who are middle-aged or older.

Is it just the optimism of youth?

Or, is this optimistic generation realistic?

What’s your prediction of the economic future for young adults?

How about for you and your family?

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