Can Hillary Return? Do Our Political Choices Reflect Our Values?

    Americans already have made one major choice in the presidential campaign, ending Sen. Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House. We’re interested in the underlying values shaping your choices this year. To get at these deeper issues In coming months, we’ll ask a series of questions like these about politics.


    Let’s start with what has happened with Hillary’s campaign. Lots of values are involved here: attitudes about women’s roles and about age, moral choices in political positions and so on.
    What do you think? Do you think Hillary could stage a comeback in 2012 or even 2016? By 2016, she would be younger than John McCain is now.
    But, Hillary won’t be able to come back if what we’re seeing is a changing of the political guard and its values. Different generations have different values. Hillary’s were forged in the cultural furnace of the 1960s, feminism, civil rights and the Vietnam War.
    Think of the generational differences just in Democratic leadership. For Hillary’s generation, the assassination of JFK is not a dry fact in a history textbook. Barack Obama’s values, and those of his generation, were formed in different conditions.

    What do you think? What forged your generation’s values? What are the values of Obama’s generation? And, are Hillary and her generation out of the running for good — or not?

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