Can you have a high-quality connection in the workplace? And, uhhh, what about dentists?

used to think of going to see an accountant
at tax time as the equivalent of going to the dentist. But no
more. You see, Bob, my CPA, has made it an affirming experience.
His conference room is a positive place.
    He gives me good tax advice, to be sure. He also supports me in how I’m trying to grow my business. He’s
interested, and in more than just a passing way. Sometime we talk
about a film or an event that interests us both. Sometimes we
share a joke. Oh, and yes, then he gives me the estimate of what
I’ll owe to Uncle Sam on April 15th.
    Bob has incorporated into his professional
practice all those elements that Wayne Baker tells us his colleague,
Jane Dutton, cites as important to “high quality connections”:
respectful engagement, enabling others to do well, building trust, and
    He can do this because he plans sufficient
time to meet with each of his clients, even during the height of tax
season.  It’s a conscious decision. “Conscious” is
a word that’s important to Bob. You’ll recall he used that
word when he talked about “moving the world,” in yesterday’s
Our Values post.
  Being conscious is a guiding principle in his
    And did I mention that when I come to
his office he gives me a hug.
    Yep. A hug. Right there at tax time.
    Do you know of other people who make
their place of business a place for high quality connections?
Tell us about them so we can learn how they do it. Work takes
up so much of our lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could
make it “generative,”
even at the most unexpected of times?

    A note to all you dentists out there,
including my personal dentist
: I know that many of
you have made your offices friendly, non-threatening places, with great,
supportive staffs. Really! I do! I was just playing an old
tape in my head.

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