Christine Responds and Asks: What makes a good personal connection for you?

AFTER my own three-day series about the important issues raised in Christine Gloss’ three-day series, l invited Christine to return and continue the dialogue with us. Today and tomorrow, you’ll hear from Christine. Here’s her first reflection …

My accountant called me on Monday.
It wasn’t about taxes. Bob had read my article about connecting
with others in a generative way and he was eager to share his thoughts.
    He told me that he describes those moments of connection as “moving the world.” It can be the least little thing, he said, like holding the
door for someone, but if you do it in a conscious way your act touches
the world in a way that moves it.
    Wow, I thought. What a beautiful way of expressing the power of these moments.

    And then: Wow, again! I read Wayne’s
Tuesday post and there was that same powerful thought expressed in still
another way. Wayne was telling us about Edward Hallowell’s “human
interactions where physical presence and undivided attention
are two key ingredients.
    Just think about “human moments” and all of these other evocative phrases:
    Undivided attention.
    Being generative.
    The intention to pass along some positive energy.
Moving the earth.

    In talking about the drive to connect
in a positive way, Bob mentioned the book, “How Can I Help?” written by Ram Dass some years ago.
He told me about one of the author’s main points, that we reach a
stage in our spiritual development where we feel the need to give back,
not just receive.
    This need to give back and affirm others
cuts across all age groups. Bob and I are Baby Boomers. You can also see the impulse very much at work among young adults.
Check out “Free Hugs,” a wonderful short video that David Crumm features
in his Tuesday Quiz at ReadTheSpirit
. It’s a video filled with
young adults. One of them had a great idea: Stand in a public
place with a sign that reads, “Free Hugs.” Part of the joy
of watching this video is seeing how people of all ages are drawn into
giving and receiving.

    My questions for you today are these:
    If you’re tuned in to passing along some positive energy during the
course of your day, whether it be to a stranger, an acquaintance or
a friend — what’s your name for this? What have you been calling
    And how do you create these moments? Tell us your stories
and enrich us all.

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