Christmas Clashes: What’s a true ‘necessity’? know I shouldn’t read the “Home” section of the New York Times. But I can’t help myself. The articles are always about people with more taste than me—especially about people with more money. And, who could resist that headline:
“Even the Tree Has a Stylist”?

The story described how some people hire architects and interior designers to decorate their homes for Christmas. One Manhattanite’s tree will feature lavender tinsel, one garland of signed Andy Warhol dollar bills and another made from celebrity photos, according to the story.

But maybe we shouldn’t mock these folks and their decorators. The article notes that “For clients with three or four homes, what many would consider a holiday perk may be more of a necessity.”

For me, the need to hire someone to hang your tinsel gives a funny meaning to the word “necessity.”

What Is Your ‘Necessity’?

Is it just me? Do you think there’s a perverse view of Christmas in that snapshot of the rich and famous—and I’m not necessarily scourging them for their wealth. I’m asking: Is this all about tinsel and lights? You don’t have to be a Wall Street plutocrat to focus too much on decorating, shopping, gifts and all the commercial hoopla of this holiday.

We were talking earlier this week about shoppers who insist that the counter help at the mall greet them by saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.” Maybe those shoppers are spending too much time at the mall?

Today, take a moment to tell us …

What is a necessity for you to have a merry Christmas? 

What makes the holiday merry for you? 

What can you do without?

Please, Comment below.

(Dr. Baker is away and has invited writer Terry Gallagher to carry us through the year-end holidays.)

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