Climate Change: Confrontation and … conversation? What’s your view?

Protests in Copenhagen
Marches in Copenhagen W
hat would you tell world leaders in Copenhagen?
More than 1,000 activists were detained by police over the weekend, while at the same time a group of environmental leaders were making significant progress on a draft deal. “In less than a week,” says Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen in one press report, “I believe we will achieve global agreement on climate change.”


Let’s hope so. Leaders from around the world gather this Friday in Copenhagen—the climax of the United Nations Climate Change Conference that began on December 7th.

If you had a chance to send a message to our leaders, what would you say? Well, here’s your chance: Send an electronic postcard, courtesy of the Climate Conference web site. Your postcard will be displayed in rotation with other postcards.

Here’s a small sample of the thousands of postcards on the site:

Dear Leaders of the World,

“The time has come. Earth is asking, the world is asking and now we must answer. All of you are our voices, so please, speak up and be heard.”
    Max Modush-Pitzer, United Sates.

Dear Leaders of the World,

“Greetings from Bulgaria! Please forget the politics and think of the reality, think LIFE FIRST!! You represent humanity, YOU!”
    Jeanette Stone, Bulgaria.

Dear Leaders of the World,

“Don’t forget the most important thing of human beings: our values. If we forget out values, we’re not gonna make a better world. Please MAKE A CHANGE.”
    Luis Alejandro Landin Garza, Mexico.


What’s on your postcard? What would you want leaders to hear?

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