Climate change: What’s your Eco-IQ?

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hat do we really know about global climate change?
    What’s your Eco-IQ?
    Take this quick quiz and find out.

The negotiations in Copenhagen are rising to a fever pitch as participants struggle to hammer out an agreement prior to the arrival of world leaders on Friday. I’m following the deliberations and, at least for me, it’s hard at times to step back from the minutiae of the deliberations and remind myself of what we really know about global climate change.
    So, I borrowed a list of some common misconceptions and facts, compiled by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

    Which of these claims is true? (Answers are linked below.)
    Claim 1: The sun has caused recent global warming.
    Claim 2: Because the climate has changed in the past, especially before humans started using fossil fuels, we know that current warming is not due to human activity.
    Claim 3: Scientists really don’t agree on the causes or existence of climate change.
    Claim 4: In the 1970s, scientists predicted global cooling—not global warming.
    Claim 5: Global warming isn’t real because the last few years have been cooler.

    Ready for the answers?
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