College Millennials: Voting for Romney or Obama? Romney swept five Republican primaries this week, and his rival Newt Gingrich has dropped out of the race. There’s no stopping Romney now in his run for the GOP’s nomination.

So, here’s the question this week:
Who will college-age Millennials support for the next four-year stay at the White House?

Overall, Obama enjoys a seven-point lead over a generic Republican candidate, according to the new Millennial Values Survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Berkley Center at Georgetown. Among black Millennials and Hispanic Millennials, the president holds a whopping lead. But a majority of white Millennials prefer a Republican.

How do Millennials feel about Romney in particular? About one-third of Millennials have a favorable opinion of Romney, compared to 52% who have a favorable opinion of Obama. An even higher percentage of Millennials who hold a college degree have a favorable opinion of Obama.

Will Millennials really matter much in the November elections? They might, but the big unknown is this: Will Millennials actually vote in November? Only 46% say they are certain to vote in the election, according to the survey. Another 20% says they probably will vote. Voter turnout is the key to the effect of college Millennials on the election, as it is for the electorate at large.

If you are a college-age Millennials, do you plan to vote in November?

Who would you prefer, Romney or Obama?

Are college-age Millennials talking about the election?

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