Cult of Celebrity: Interested in the royal wedding? WEDDING SPECIALS! China, cuff links, gloves, nail coverings and even a royal pizza!Are you planning to get up at 6AM (Eastern Time) this Friday to watch the wedding of Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton? As many as three billion people around the world are expected to watch the royal nuptials.

Estibalis Chavez, 19 years old, wanted so much to see the wedding that she went on a 16-day hunger strike in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City. She didn’t get an invitation, according to NPR, but a generous soul paid her way to London, where she was turned away by British authorities.

If you are interested in the royal event, there is no end to the amount of coverage you can enjoy!

The monarchy is making full use of social media. You can find continuous coverage on YouTube, Tweets galore, Flickr images, and rounds of media briefings. There’s an official Royal Wedding website, which is one of the slickest I have seen. You can view an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury, see the guest lists, ponder the seating plan, floral arrangements, meet the photographer, and much more. 

The Royal Mail has issued commemorative wedding stamps—and a host of entrepreneurs have produced royal wedding knock offs.

For those who want to send gifts to the royal couple, William and Kate have set up a Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund. There’s this special page for the charitable fund explaining the causes that William and Kate say are close their hearts.

As of last night, 5,500 news stories had been filed about this royal wedding through major newspapers, magazines and online news websites.

So, today, let’s discuss this global celebrity event!

What makes the royal wedding so popular?

Do you think it’s worth the world’s attention?

Is it a distraction?

Or, as some critics in the UK argue, is it overdue for the monarchy to end?

How does this event fit in the Cult of Celebrity?

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