Cult of Celebrity: Watch the wedding? And, the mattress? SECURITY FORCES CHECKED THE HOTEL.Did you join the billions around the globe who watched the royal wedding ceremony this morning? I confess: I didn’t. But a few items yesterday caught my eye. One was the still-single prince outside Buckingham Palace, shaking hands with the throng of smiling well-wishers. It reminded me of how much the royal role is now ceremony and symbol.

Another was about a mattress! Last might, Kate Middleton slept at the Goring Hotel in London on a mattress that had been custom-made for her, meant to be used for one night to ensure a perfect sleep and then to be destroyed afterwards so no one else could use it. Perhaps this is standard practice. But doesn’t it strike you as, well, a little silly? What do you make of it?

About 2,000 guests attended the wedding, though at least one was disinvited at the last minute: the Syrian ambassador. The British Foreign Office advised the Royal Household to retract the invitation in response to the violent reaction of the Syrian government to protestors. Gadhafi never got one in the first place. But representatives from other repressive regimes were in attendance. All governments with normal diplomatic relations in Britain were invited.

The royal wedding has been mentioned once every 10 seconds on the web this week, according to a study! One can understand the excitement of the British.

Why was there so much interest around the world?

Were you a royal-wedding watcher? 

Did you follow all the details—like the royal mattress story?

Or, couldn’t you care less?

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(Originally published at, an online experiment in civil dialogue on American values.)

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