Day1’s Peter Wallace asks: Are we too ‘busy arguing’? Wayne Baker is traveling through this week and we’re sharing American voices on values that unite and divide us. You’ll find previous posts linked in the right margin. Today’s voice is Peter Wallace, host of the Day1 radio series that, since 1945, has shared mainline Protestant messages. A full story on Day1 is featured today in ReadTheSpirit. 

Here’s a sample of Peter Wallace’s own writing about biblical issues from a recent column published at the website. Peter opened the column describing how he loves Georgia peaches this time of year, yet he regrets how quickly fruit can spoil. Sometimes people can sour and wither, too, he writes. Drawing from Amos and Psalms, Peter points out that there’s a long biblical record of warnings about turning inward and forgetting about the world’s most vulnerable people: the powerless, the poor.

In conclusion, he writes:

This is the heart of God’s will for all of us, from our leaders on down: We are to be at work to bring justice to those who are powerless, and to meet the needs of the poor.

Today in America people are busy arguing about whether freedom of religion in America really means anything, and whether moderate Muslims can create a community center in Manhattan near Ground Zero. People are busy debating whether President Obama really is a Muslim, let alone a U.S. citizen. People are busy getting angry at our do-nothing leaders on both sides of the aisle as we prepare for the fall elections.

We are so busy looking out for ourselves and our own interests that we too are failing to get busy about God’s priorities for the poor.

How far have we fallen from God’s calling?

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