Does shopping locally make sense as our own economic stimulus?

 Small town USA
esterday we started discussing how values become clear when we have to make tough choices. Parents who cut back on gifts for one another but not for their children are making value choices.

 Small town USA 2
    Another values choice is where to buy. Psychologist and business coach Rob Pasick says we should buy locally, noting that money spent locally tends to stay in the community – wages to local workers, local taxes, donations to community causes, and local investment. Rob is author of “Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times.”
    “Let’s roll out our own individual economic stimulus plan,” Rob says. “Spend a few bucks and build some social capital as we do. Here’s how: A. Maneuver vehicle or shoe leather of choice to a locally owned business. B. Say hello to the proprietor or person behind the counter. Introduce yourself. Have a nice, friendly chat. C. Buy or eat something. D. Wave bye-bye. E. Repeat as often as you can.” (Read Rob’s entire commentary, if you’d care to.)
    Paul Saginaw, co-founder of the famous Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, says we should also bank locally.
    “What we need is right here in our own backyards: a system of federally regulated, community banks that fulfill the classic textbook function of acting as intermediaries between local people looking for a secure place for their savings and local people who need a loan to buy a home or finance a business.” (Read Paul’s entire commentary, if you’d care to.)

BUT, PLEASE, stay here long enough to tell us:

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    Do you favor local businesses?
    Does it make sense to do so?
    What values guide your economic decisions?

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