Don’t know much about Happiness? Well, neither do Indians, Brits, Kiwis

t may very well be that this week’s questions about happiness are almost too tough to crack. We’ve drawn a couple of comments on our site — and we’ve also heard some responses this week via Email (and even in person) that trying to define happiness as a value is very hard!
    We’re not alone in this challenge.
    Search through global headlines about the news we reported this week from the World Values Survey on happiness — and you’ll find people scratching their heads in many lands. Even the official Chinese news service ran a story on the findings — without any new answers about happiness.
    In New Zealand, where residents ranked 15th in the happiness index, the New Zealand Herald groused that New Zealanders should respond in some way! After all, local residents on those tiny islands way Down Under actually have a lot in common with the Danes (who topped the list). So, the Herald asked its readers: “Why, then, are New Zealanders not as happy as the Danes?”
    The Daily Mail in London, where the UK ranked 21st (even lower than Americans’ 16th slot, which bothered the Brits) concluded, “The survey seems to add weight to the opinion of Transport Minister Tom Harris, who last month asked why Britons were ‘so bloody miserable.’”
    Surprisingly, the Hindustan Times in India, which ranked way down at No. 69, put a positive spin on the findings, because India apparently shows “steeply rising trends” in happiness. It looks like “the world becomes happier by the day,” the cheery Times reported to its Indian readers.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to raise a new topic for discussion — an article we’ll keep at the top of the site through the weekend. So, before we leave happiness behind — and even though we know it’s a topic that has the whole world perplexed — take a moment to ponder the several short stories we’ve published this week, and …

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