Election 2010: In TV news, who do YOU trust?


Who do Americans trust in TV news?

Today, please Comment below on this question: Who do you trust for impartial political news?

We know that we can’t trust political attack ads—so many are funded by unknown sources that it seems like invisible Puppet Masters are running the campaigns. (Read more about that topic here.)

Well, here’s another surprising area where most Americans agree: You can’t trust any particular TV news network for accurate information about politics and current events, according to a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Fox News gets the highest level of support: but only 23% say the cable network owned by Rupert Murdoch is the one they trust the most. The broadcast network news (NBC, ABC, and CBS) get only 23% saying these are the most trusted sources. Only 20% choose CNN as their most trusted source.

Public television? Just 12%.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart gets about the same level of trust as MSNBC (4% versus 6%, respectively). 

Fox News does garner the majority of one group: the Tea Party. About 6 in 10 Americans who identify with the Tea Party say Fox is their most trusted news source. This is considerably higher than Republicans (48%) or Christian conservatives (39%).

Are you surprised by these findings? Are they what you expected?

How about you: What is YOUR most trusted source of news about politics and current events?

Please, leave a “Comment” below.

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