Elections: Which political party cares about YOU?

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Democratic and Republican claims

BOTH PARTIES CLAIM THEY CARE. These snapshots come from the national Democratic and GOP websites. At left, Democrats associate themselves with Presidents Johnson and Truman as well as the launch of Medicare and Medicaid. At right, Republicans associate with President Lincoln and a commitment to help Americans find jobs.

The elections this month swept Republicans into Congress, granting them control of both houses of the legislature.

Did the elections sweep the party that cares about you into office?

Americans put more Republicans into office, but more Americans feel that the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party cares about them, according to the post-election survey by the Public Religion Research Institute. Almost half (47%) of Americans say the Democratic Party cares about them, compared to just over a third (37%) of Americans who say that the Grand Old Party cares about them. About 9% say they don’t know.

Why do more Americans say that Democrats care about them, compared to Republicans—but more Republicans were elected?

Not surprisingly, most Republicans are either excited (26%) or satisfied (54%) with the outcomes of the election. Tea Partiers are even more delighted. Seven of ten Democrats, however, are disappointed or worried about the outcomes.

Are you happy or unhappy about the outcomes of the midterm election?

Which party cares more about you?

Your viewpoint is important!

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