Elections: Why is the Tea Party so scared?

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Tea Party rally from Flickr and Wikimedia Commons

THEY MAY BE SCARED, BUT THEY’RE ALSO DETERMINED. This photo from a Tea Party rally is part of a Flickr feed provided for public use via Wikimedia Commons.

Economics was a chief topic of concern in the November elections, but other issues were factors. Many Americans said that security was a concern as they cast their votes.

However, one group of voters was keenly concerned with security, polls are showing. That group was comprised of Americans who consider themselves Tea Partiers.

How important is security? Security is one of the 10 core American values, as I documented in four national surveys and write about in United America. The value of security means keeping the nation safe and secure from internal and external threats. The value of security is a constant, but threats change from time to time. For example, Ebola is a new threat. Terrorism is a continuing threat, though it waxes and wanes. And it appears to be waxing for Tea Partiers.

How scared are Tea Partiers? On Fear of Terrorism—Only 11% of Americans are very concerned that they or family member will be a victim of terrorism, according to the post-election poll by the Public Religion Research Institute. But 24% of Tea Partiers are very concerned. Just a third of all Americans (33%) are very or somewhat concerned, but more than six of ten (61%) Tea Partiers are very or somewhat concerned.

On Fear of Ebola—Only 7% of Americans are very worried that they or a family member will contract Ebola, but twice as many Tea Partiers (14%) are very worried. Just over two of ten Americans (22%) are very or somewhat worried, but a third of Tea Partiers (32%) are very or somewhat worried that they or a family member will get Ebola.

Why are Tea Party members so much more worried than Americans in general?
Did worries about terrorism or Ebola factor into your vote this month?
How important is the value of security for you?

Your viewpoint is important!

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  1. Doulas Paterson says

    We are all concerned about security at some level. What I find interesting is that verbiage from the Tea Party often articulates the need to be protected from our own government. For some reason the Tea Party’s agenda seems to attract those who work out of a conspiracist’s modus operandi. Therefore, we must be ever diligent.

    For me security issues are broader than terrorists and outside agitators. The real threat to our security in my opinion is the radical individualism that tears at the fabric of society – the idea that I only have to be concern about myself. For me the real threat to our security is the lack of a good education for everyone and our unwillingness to invest in our children. Or that we are unwilling to make sure that good health care (not extraordinary health care) is affordable.

    Most empires were not conquered from the outside before they were crumbling from the inside. We tend to glorify the sacrifice of fighting the enemy beyond our borders. But when will we sacrifice to give everyone within our borders a fair chance at life. That, I believe, is where our security issues reside.

  2. Seaside Roses says

    I believe that the numbers you cited show that most Americans are not “paying attention” to what’s really going on all around them. Unfortunately, the public has been dumbed down thru the education system as well as entertainment, the media, and even the church, which is not talking about how all of the current signs seem to point to the fact that we are in the end times, and that means that more than ever, we need to be drawing closer to the Lord and finding out what kind of preparation He is wanting us to do as well as to do in us; that requires our attention and cooperation.
    In contrast to members of both parties, the Tea Party people are much more in touch with the fact of all of the dangers to our very lives that exist in government as well as in the systems that control government. They don’t have a problem believing in “conspiracies” because they know that just because some theory about “what’s really going on” is being called a conspiracy, that’s no reason to dismiss it out of hand. Rather, most of them have looked under the covers of news stories and have listened to the alternative investigators, whose stories are believable among other reasons, simply because these people were forced out of the “system”.
    It’s not hard for me to believe that, since Satan is the god of this world, he has managed to take almost full control of our institutions. And I know that there is no hope whatsoever in the supposed “righteousness” of every day, “good” citizens; they will not save the nation.
    Therefore, we are unfortunately reaping what we’ve sowed; like Israel, God is going to let our enemies run over us, until we repent and turn to Him wholeheartedly.
    All of this I state not as a tea partier, but as a republican.