Family Treasures: The secret of pink ice cream

Benjamin Crumm holds a family pink homemade ice cream recipe cardValues can seem lofty and abstract. They come to earth when we talk about our “family treasures”—objects with stories behind them that convey our values and how we got them.

Could a recipe for pink ice cream be one of those objects?

This week, OurValues has looked at a wide range of “family treasures” including an Eagle Scout badge, a chunk of copper ore and an old photograph that is treasured by a family with roots in Barbados. In the first part of this series, I explained the way these examples relate to a new “study guide” to help you organize this kind of experience with your friends.

In one discussion group, Benjamin Crumm brought his Great-Grandmother’s recipe card for ice cream. A distinctive feature of her ice cream was its color—pink. “The value of this to me isn’t really the recipe itself,” said Ben. The value lies in when it was made and why. “We only ever made this at family gatherings. The value here is that it is very important to have family but also to get together and talk and meet and have fun—and share ice cream.”

“We still make it today and still get together,” said Ben. And, he noted, we still “make it pink.”

Does your family have its own version of ice cream?

What story would it tell?

AND, if this final “family treasures” story makes you hungry, then why not take a look at last week’s five-part series about another United America group activity we call “Taste of Home”?

Sharing stories can build healthier communities

The purpose of the OurValues Project and the United America book is to get Americans talking with each other—friends, neighbors and even total strangers who may enjoy gathering to talk about the values that unite us. That’s a dramatic and refreshing change for a lot of us, these days. Please, share this week’s series with friends on Facebook or by Email. You’re also free to print out these columns and use them in your small group to spark discussion. If you have a moment right now, add a comment below.

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