Fear of War: U.S. troops back on the ground?

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Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dempsey

This week, General Dempsey called into question the claim that no American military personnel will be deployed on the ground in the current crisis with ISIL.

“No boots on the ground” is a mantra with the Obama Administration. The president reiterated this theme in his recent address to the nation, stating that the effort to fight ISIL “will not involve American combat troops on foreign soil.”

But do you think we will see U.S. combat troops on the ground anyway?

Despite Obama’s pledge, voices are rising that advocate for the use of U.S. ground troops. In August, a Washington Post editorial stated that the administration “must put boots on the ground to stop the Islamic State.” House Speaker John Boehner recently said that the use of ground troops should not be ruled out.

The most telling remarks, however, came in the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that took place yesterday. Both Secretary of State Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) testified. As widely reported, the nation’s top military commander said that U.S. troops on the ground were a possibility, if airstrikes are not effective. (Here you can view the Department of Defense’s video of the hearing.)

A majority of Americans support airstrikes against the jihadist group, but only about a third say that combat troops should be used, too.

Do you support or oppose the use of U.S. troops to combat ISIL?

Regardless of your support or opposition, do you think that the U.S. “boots on the ground” is inevitable?

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