Finally! New Year’s Resolutions we can keep! NOTE FROM DR. WAYNE BAKER:
lease, welcome back writer Terry Gallagher while I’m taking a year-end break with my family. Last week, Terry wrote a popular series about clashes over Christmas. I’ve invited him to take us through the holidays. I’ll be back January 10. Here is Terry’s first post for this week:

New Year’s resolutions? Why bother? The only things more easily broken than Christmas toys are our New Year’s resolutions. Well, this week, in this column, we’re going to solve this problem. We’re going to work on making New Year’s resolutions you can keep.

First off, try this idea on for size: Don’t make a whole bunch of resolutions this week with the idea that you’ll stick to them for the whole year. Instead make resolutions for only two weeks at a time. Start out the year with one idea and promise to stick with it only until the middle of January.

Then two weeks later, take up another resolution. That way, you’ll be able to make 26 different resolutions in 2011. And if you fail at one or two, you’ll still have another opportunity to get back on track. You can even repeat resolutions that you break earlier in the year.

For example, you could resolve at the beginning of each season to become more aware of the changes that the natural world brings us. Or you could start off your annual two-week summer vacation with a resolution to take fuller advantage of the time away from work.

I didn’t invent this idea, but am really sold on this approach to the classic January problem. This new pace really can boost your RCR this year (your Resolution Completion Rate). And keeping your resolutions will make it far more likely that you’ll have a Happy New Year.

So how about it? What can we change about ourselves, if we tackle only two weeks at a time?

Come on, share a resolution you’re going to make.

Let’s see what readers are hoping to accomplish in 2011.

Click on “Comment,” below, and share a few words.

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