Financial Insecurity: Do the insecure hate business?

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Occupy Wall Street 99 percenters

OCCUPY WALL STREET 2011. This is one of many photographs by David Shankbone that were uploaded that year into Wikimedia Commons for public use.

Remember “Occupy Wall Street”? This protest movement focused on record levels of economic inequality and proffered the catchphrase “We are the 99%” to highlight the huge share of wealth enjoyed by the top 1%.

We haven’t heard much about the movement lately. But financial insecurity is still with us. Are the most insecure still anti-business?

The most financially secure Americans are not uniformly pro-business. In fact, just a slim majority (51%) say that “most corporations make a fair and reasonable amount of profit,” according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. However, 46% disagree and say that “business corporations make too much profit.”

At the other end of the scale, attitudes about business are different. Only a third (32%) say that corporations make fair profits, while two-thirds (65%) say that they make too much profit.

We see the mirror image in opinions about government inefficiency. Almost two-thirds of the most financially secure Americans say that “government is almost always wasteful and inefficient.” Just a third of these Americans say that “government does a better job than people give it credit for.” The most financially insecure Americans are equally divided between these two positions.

Do you think that business corporations make fair and reasonable profits?

Is government almost always wasteful and inefficient?

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