Generosity: You’d share your soles … but what about sharing a kidney?


Barbara Asofsky and Anthony DeGiulio
So far this week, we’ve profiled two organizations that express generosity via footwear. Buy a pair of TOMS shoes—they give a pair away. Donate your old running shoes to Share Our Soles—they clean them and give them to a poor kid. (Scroll down to see Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts.)

I’m sure you’d share your soles. Would you share a kidney, too?

That’s what Anthony DeGiulio did. After watching a “60 Minutes” program on organ donation, he decided to donate a kidney and save a life—not a life of someone he knew, but a woman who was a complete stranger: Barbara Asofksy. (The photo above shows Barbara and Anthony.)

Barbara’s husband had been willing to donate a kidney to her—but he wasn’t a match for Barbara. When Anthony stepped in with his donation to Barbara—Barbara’s husband was moved to pay this gift forward—donating his kidney to a stranger in need.

This pay-it-forward chain continued. The father of one kidney recipient donated his kidney to a stranger. The sister of another donated her kidney to a stranger.

And so it went, link by link—a life-altering, life-giving chain of generosity. This chain was celebrated on CBS news—you can see the video clip here.


What do you make of this pay-it-forward chain? Do you have other examples?

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