Global Pay It Forward: It’s today! Got the card?

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Pay It Forward Day Card

Click on this snapshot of the Pay It Forward card to visit the site where you can print a copy for yourself.

Today is the official International Pay It Forward Day.

As you read this, thousands and thousands of participants around the world are performing selfless good deeds for others. They don’t expect anything back. But each beneficiary is asked to pay it forward by helping someone else in need, creating a ripple effect of good deeds. The Pay It Forward Foundation is now predicting 3 million acts of helping.

Do you think it’ll happen?

Helping doesn’t have to be a huge affair. It can be a small gesture. Here are some examples from the Foundation:

  • Returning someone’s shopping cart
  • Buying someone a gift
  • Giving a homeless person food vouchers
  • Not charging a client for work
  • Paying for a stranger’s bus/train pass

To promote the pay-it-forward ripple effect, participants are encouraged to use the card shown here. The card is given to the recipient of help. It makes the request for the recipient to pay it forward, along with the examples listed above. The card includes 24 check boxes. A box is checked each time an act of paying it forward occurs. And, it includes an invitation to tell your pay-it-forward story via the Foundation’s web site.

Using devices like this card actually boosts the pay-it-forward effect. It’s a physical reminder of the obligation to pay it forward. It reminds recipients of the positive emotions they felt when good deeds were done for them. We know from Monday’s post that positive emotions are the main driver of paying it forward. And, the card gives suggestions. I’ve found that people want to help, but often don’t know what to do. It’s easy to run down the list and pick one example to put into practice.

Will you pay it forward today?

Which of the examples above would be easy for you to do?

Which would be challenging?

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