Good without God: Are Christians, well, UnChristian?

UnChristian book cover Many young people—ages 16 to 29—have mixed feelings about Christians today, according to studies reported in a controversial book, UnChristian.

The authors focused on the perceptions of Christianity by young “outsiders”—atheists, agnostics, and adherents to faiths outside Christianity—but they also report what young Christians have to say.

The book has been a sensation covered in the media as well as the pulpit and in discussion groups around America. (View one of the authors on national TV here.)

Here’s what the young outsiders say: Christianity is judgmental, hypocritical, anti-homosexual, and too involved in politics.

Many young Christians have troubled feelings themselves. Eighty percent of young churchgoers agree that Christianity is anti-gay. About half say it is judgmental, too political, hypocritical, and confusing, according to a summary of research findings.

One of three young Christians believe their faith is old-fashioned and almost as many say it is out of touch with reality, boring, and insensitive to others.

If you are in the 16-to-29 demographic, do you agree? What are your thoughts about Christianity?

If you, like me, saw 29 long ago, what are your thoughts about these findings of young Americans and what they believe?

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