Great Discussion Starters: Health Care, Aging in our “Great Discussion Starters” is a series by Dr. Wayne Baker combining two crucial categories for Americans:
Health Care and Aging.
As Americans, we’re all anxious about changes in health care—and whether millions of us can continue to find affordable health-care coverage. We’re even more anxious about aging. Finally, when it comes to end-of-life conversations, we’re quaking in our shoes. In this series, Dr. Baker opens up this challenging cluster of issues and raises some valuable questions for families.

Dr. Wayne Baker’s series on Health Care, Aging and End-of-Life Decisions:

  1. End-Of-Life Decisions: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

  2. Now, something we agree on …

  3. Has your family had “the talk”? 

  4. “Healthcare Freedom of Conscience”?

  5. Is It Time for a Health Rights Act?

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