Great Discussion Starters: “Science vs. Religion” back for our third year!
For two years now, has welcomed thousands of readers for civil dialogue on newsy topics ranging from education and the economy to pollution and polygamy. As we start our third year, we’re hearing from many people across the U.S. that our focus on “civil dialogue” and our undergirding American values is very important these days. Our nation is so divided that it’s going to take a whole lot of constructive conversation to find a healthy pathway forward.

This summer, OurValues will be bringing you an exciting diversity of stories, all under the supervision of the man behind our web project: University of Michigan sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker.

THIS WEEK, we’re showcasing a series of “Categories” in which really shines as we bring you great discussion starters. We’re using that phrase—“discussion starters”—because we welcome you to share these series with friends, carry them with you into small groups, and add your comments for others to read. These issues are vital to all of us. Today, we’re offering easy links to …

Spark a Discussion Group with “Science vs. Religion” News and Questions

  1. Science vs. Religion: Earth is the center, right?

  2. What are scientists’ religious beliefs?

  3. Do religious scientists hide?

  4. Do scientists understand our faith?

  5. Where’s The Cosmic Connection?

TOMORROW’S CATEGORY: EDUCATION. Are we failing America’s children?

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