Have you chosen your candidate? Is it the choice you expected to make?

ave you made up your mind? Which ticket is your pick?
    Did you wind up making a choice you didn’t expect earlier this year? Political observers are predicting that many American voters may be shifting from their traditional parties in this election.

who made comments this week appear to have made up their minds.
L says, “Like others here, I had researched both candidates well
in advance of the debates and decided to vote for Senator Obama. I haven’t
changed my mind.”

notes, “I made up my mind to vote for Obama long before he even
declared, and now that the economy
is getting worse by the day (and will likely continue to do so through
Nov 4), I think more and more voters are finding McCain unacceptable.”

debate in Nashville crystallized Eoghan’s choice: “After
the debate I am certainly decided — that the 2-party system is no longer
appropriate for the US… I’ve decided. I’m voting for Ron Paul.
The country is about liberties, vote Libertarian.”

JJ Bodine and Cindy L. were put off by Palin’s style and substance.
JJ Bodine calls her debate “A Plethora of Populist Platitudes.” Cindy L says, “I am deeply offended by Palin’s insistence on referring
to average Americans as ‘hockey moms’ and
‘Joe six-packs.’ I want leaders who have a sense of dignity and
can speak with eloquence — and will regard Americans as intelligent
beings worthy of respect.”

that regard, McCain’s reference to Obama as “that one” in the
Nashville debate appears to have backfired. The snide remark spawned
an instant industry of “That One ‘08” T-shirts and buttons. (Thanks
to an alert OurValues.org reader for sending me an email about this
X reminds us that we can look at Palin in a different way.
“It can be argued that Palin is just as or even
possibly more experienced than Obama. Palin was the governor of Alaska
and although it may not seem like an important state, think again. It
is one of the most important if not the most important state regarding
oil and alternative forms of energy.”

the debates, please, whatever side you are…”

X says. I couldn’t agree more.

you watch the next (and last) presidential debate? Will it factor
into your decision? Or have you already made up your mind?

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