Healthcare Reform: 7 Reasons Reform Is Inevitable. Do you agree?


Healthcare Reform
Healthcare reform is inevitable, despite the Atlas-sized problem it is. That’s the conclusion of experts at the Ford School panel we’re discussing this week.

Here are their reasons, as I interpreted them. Do you agree with the list?

1. The Clintons paved the way. Hilary and Bill failed, but the spirit of reform was now in the air and wouldn’t go away.


2. Healthcare costs are much worse now. The gargantuan costs of healthcare have escalated since the Clinton years.


3. There are many areas of agreement in the major reform proposals. In the Clinton years, proposals were all over the place.


4. Obama’s strategy is different. The Clintons forged their proposals on their own. Obama is letting Congress develop proposals and reconcile them.


5. Bush backlash. George W. wasn’t a reformer. Ironically, healthcare reform now benefits from reactions against the Bush years.


6. The current recession is a friend to reform. Massive layoffs and loss of insurance show how untenable an employer-based system is.


7. Middle aged men are mad. The composition of the uninsured and underinsured is different now: men aged 45-64 are the ones who have the longest spells of unemployment. Needs for healthcare rise in this demographic. Get them mad and they vote.


What do you think of the list of reasons? Do you agree?
    What would you to the list?

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