Healthcare Reform: Do you support the public option?

Health Care for America Now posters Reforming healthcare in America is more difficult than extricating ourselves from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    The Clintons couldn’t reform healthcare. Can Obama do it?
    Reforming healthcare is the most controversial issue Obama has tackled so far. Everyone knows we need reform. But, the nation is divided on how to do it.


No More Debt protester     This week on, we’ll explore healthcare reform, looking at the conflicting values that underlie the debate.
    “This isn’t about politics,” says Obama. “This is about people’s lives.” It is about people’s lives—but it is all about politics, too—power politics.
    We’ll start the discussion today with the so-called public option. The public option means that the government would enter the marketplace, providing health insurance to those who can’t get it. The public option would compete with the raft of private insurance companies.
    According to the White House blog, “Health reform must be built on three fundamental principles: It must lower the skyrocketing cost of health care; guarantee choice of doctors and plans; and assure quality affordable health care for every American. A public option would achieve those goals and give the American people more choices. It would foster greater competition; lower costs; and give consumers a greater variety of affordable choices.
    Conservatives, like John McCain, abhor the public option. It’ll never pass, they say.
    Liberals believe the public option is the cornerstone to true healthcare reform. Without it, reform is a mockery.

    What do you think?
    Do you support the public option?
    Why or why not?

  Please, Add a Comment. Where have you seen this kind of problem arising? What solutions have you found?

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