Healthcare reform: Have politics reached a new record for incivility?


Angry Tea Party Mob
olitics have never been pretty, but the fracas over healthcare reform brings public incivility to a new low.

We’ve seen and heard it in the news:

“You lie!” blurted out by South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson during Obama’s address on healthcare to Congress. Wilson claims it was a spontaneous response when Obama said healthcare reforms would not include insurance coverage for illegal immigrants. Some think Wilson’s comment was planned.

On Saturday, before the historic vote, Tea Party protestors yelled the N-word at African American members of Congress, and anti-homosexual invective at gay Congressional Democrats. (Read more here.)

“Kill the bill!” That’s what protestors in the Congressional visitors gallery yelled, which wouldn’t have been so bad except that some Republican members of Congress cheered them on.

“Baby killer!” That’s what Republican Randy Neugenhauer said to Bart Stupak, the pro-life Michigan Democrat who switched his vote in favor of the bill in return for assurances about abortion language. (Scroll down to read Tuesday’s post on Stupak.) Neugenhauer claims he said “It’s a baby killer,” referring to the bill, not Stupak, but Stupak disagrees.

Aside from these well-publicized episodes of incivility, what have you seen and heard?

I’ve been forwarded a number of emails with language that rivals these public episodes, including the charge of “treason” for Obama.

How about you?


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