Healthcare Reform: It’s an urgent issue—but … a moral imperative?

American Values Network healthcare image
Is healthcare reform a moral imperative?

Yes, says the American Values Network in a new television ad—the first ever made by the group. (The photo at top today is one of the group’s iconic images.)

The mission of the American Values Network “is to enroll, engage, and enable faithful Americans and others of goodwill to stand up, speak out, and actively participate in building up the American family and community values that have always been at the core of our successful efforts to create a ‘more perfect union.’”

A politically progressive group, its mission includes the belief that “America needs leaders who understand public service is a calling, and who know they will be held accountable not only by voters, but by their Creator.” This is an interesting group, including among its two dozen leaders Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the oldest of the Kennedy “grandchildren” (Bobby’s daughter) and the Rev. Dr. J. Philip Wogaman, a noted author and ethicist who once was the Clinton family’s pastor.

Here’s the ad. It features the thousands of uninsured Americans in Los Angles County who came for treatment at a free health clinic. Volunteer doctors and dentists staffed the clinic. The uninsured patients “are God’s children and have a face,” says the ad.

Take a minute to view that ad—that’s how long it is.
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