Healthcare reform: Your thoughts on angry Showdown at Searchlight?


Brick This so-called “Showdown at Searchlight”: What do you make of it?

Tea Party activists—and Sarah Palin—will be massing at Searchlight, Nevada, to stage a demonstration against the healthcare law, Democrats, Obama, and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Searchlight is Reid’s hometown. (Read NPR’s story about the “Showdown.”)

Tea Party activists appear to be behind a spate of window-breaking at the offices of Democrats who voted for healthcare reform, along with a other acts of vandalism. This follows the spitting and epithet hurling at Congressional Democrats last weekend as they went to vote for the bill.

Ten or more Democrats received death threats or acts of harassment or vandalism this week, according to an article in the Washington Post. Some have been offered law-enforcement protection.


Allegedly, one impetus behind the rash of incidents is a provocation by a blogger: Mike Vanderboegh, a former member of a militia in Alabama. His home page features an image of a brick with the caption “Brick, Liberty Tool, Model Mark One dash A.”

The headline of a post says, “To all modern Sons of Liberty: THIS is your time. Break their windows. Break them NOW.”

Apparently, some took his advice to heart.

What do you make of these incidents? Are they expressions by a lunatic fringe? Or, a potent political force in the making?


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