Healthcare & you: Individual mandate—what’s your vote? this screen shot from the Supreme Court website to visit an index page for audio and transcripts.Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about the core feature of the Affordable Care Act: the individual mandate. Not unexpectedly, the justices split along ideological lines, according to those who watch and divine the court’s proceedings. One or two justices will determine the fate of the individual mandate. It’s impossible at this point to know what the final decision will be.

But why wait? You can vote on the individual mandate, joining many other Americans who have done the same by taking an online poll by USA Today. If you vote in this online poll, you will instantly see the poll results.

Here’s the question:Does Congress have the authority to require most Americans to buy health insurance or face a penalty? Is the individual mandate constitutional?
Pick one of the two choices:

CONSTITUTIONAL:The Constitution gives the federal government power to regulate interstate commerce and tax citizens. Health insurance is an economic transaction that crosses state lines, and the penalty is a form of taxation. The law is constitutional.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL:The federal government has never required citizens to buy something. This would set a precedent that could apply to other purchases and expand federal powers. Is should be declared unconstitutional.

What’s YOUR vote on the individual mandate?

Are you in the minority or majority of those who responded to USA Today?

If the individual mandate is struck down, what’s the alternative?

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