Helping veterans? Star athlete donates his hair

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Troy Polamalu hair cutting for VFW Mane EventWould you cut your hair if it would aid veterans?

That’s what football star Troy Polamalu did yesterday. He trimmed a lock from his famous long and wavy hair to raise money for veterans. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ strong safety teamed up with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to raise money to help vets. Polamalu led the way by agreeing to cut off at least a bit of his hair that hasn’t been trimmed in more than a decade. According to the Associated Press, his hair is so valuable that Procter & Gamble—who hired him to appear in shampoo commercials—insured his more-than-three-foot-long mane with Lloyds of London for $1 million.

Then, the VFW invited other long-haired volunteers nationwide to organize their own hair trimming events this month, inviting pledges to the VFW effort in the process. As of Monday night, the so-called VFW Mane Event had raised more than $207,000.

Polamalu’s official website describes his philanthropic efforts. Among other causes, The Troy & Theodora Polamalu Foundation provides humanitarian aid to American Samoa. (Polamalu is Samoan by descent; born in California.) The Harry Panos Fund for Veterans is named after his wife Theodora’s material grandfather, who was an artillery man in WWII, serving in the Pacific theatre. This fund focuses on helping U.S. veterans of foreign wars “who are currently dealing with health issues and/or financial problems.”

What do you think of the VFM Mane Event?

Would you take his dare to cut your hair for vets?

Have you helped our veterans?

All week we’re discussing the many ways that Americans have come together to provide aid and assistance to our thousands of veterans. Tune in each day—and leave a comment!

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