How do you feel about negative ads?

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negative ads turn you off?  How do you feel when your candidate
is attacked?  How do you feel when your candidate is the attacker? 
If you’re still undecided, how do negative ads factor into your decision?

are four negative ads, two from each side.  Take a look and tell
us what you think.

portrays Obama as “dishonorable,” accusing our troops in Afghanistan
of “killing civilians” and voting to cut funding for our troops. 
“Too risky for America,” the ad says.
Click here to see Dangerous.   


links Obama closely with “domestic terrorist” Bill Ayers—they’re
“friends” and “have worked together for years.”  Ayers
is a former member of the Weatherman Underground that bombed public
buildings.  The ad says Obama is not telling the truth about his
friendship with Ayers.  “Too risky for
America,” the ad concludes. Click here to see Ayers.

     Still starts with a large “1982” and a spinning mirror disco ball, followed
by a Rubik’s cube, and other symbols of the period.  McCain “doesn’t
know how to use a computer” and “can’t send an email,” the voiceover
states.  “After one president’s who’s out of touch, we just
can’t afford more of the same.”
Click here to see Still.

begins with a line from a McCain speech, “It’s over for
special interests.”  Then, the ad pictures lobbyists who are
McCain’s chief advisors.  “If seven of McCain’s top advisors
are lobbyists, who do you think will run his White House?”
Click here to see It’s Over.


do you think—and feel
about these ads?  The campaigns are getting
more negative.  Do you think they should?

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