How do you mark the 26th? As Boxing Day? A shopping day?

Boxing Day in Canada
oxing Day — the day after Christmas — originated as a tradition of giving to people in need. These days, this official holiday in the Commonwealth nations of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is decidedly commercial, a shopping spree for after-Christmas sales. (The photo at right is from an early morning sale in Canada on a recent Boxing Day.)
    This holiday season, there’s a practical side to Boxing Day. Many people put off buying gifts until Boxing Day — so they can stretch their purchasing power in our calamitous economy.

    This week, we’ve been talking about paying it forward. (Scroll down to ead our earlier stories.)
    Readers have shared their personal experiences of paying it forward. For example, Ms. Aquino-Hughes says she became a nurse to save lives, as hers had been saved by an act of heroism, courage, and humanity amidst a horrible tragedy in the community.

    On this Boxing Day, what do you see?
    Bargain hunters? Shopping sprees?
    How about examples of the traditional Boxing Day when the more fortunate help the less fortunate?


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