How is new technology affecting … worship?

Trinity Wall Street pipe organ
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Those fingers above are about to play the pipe organ at Trinity Wall Street—but Trinity’s ministry also is focused on other forms of communication these days. Trinity fingers also are tweeting prayers.

Tweeting prayers?
Are you familiar with Twitter? Do you tweet yourself? Do you follow anyone on Twitter?

Twitter—a microblogging site that limits each post or “tweet” to 140 characters—is more popular than anyone imagined it could be. “The Twitter Guys,” the three amigos who invented Twitter, are #1 on Time Magazine’s Top 100 list for “Builders & Titans” of 2009. “Twitter” tops Google’s list of the fastest rising search terms in 2009. (See Part 4 in this series.)

But, can you worship with Twitter?

Yes, according to some ministries. Churches already incorporate Twitter in their services and in their congregational outreach—including Westwinds Community Church in Jackson, MI, and Trinity Church in New York City. You can follow Trinity’s sermons on Twitter or check out the tweets at Westwinds.



Church Marketing Online—an organization that helps churches use technology for ministry—lists 10 reasons why a church should use Twitter. For example, those who don’t go to church can get insights into a church’s ministry; clergy can send “sermon point reminders” to congregants; and, church staff can stay in contact with members—a special challenge in mega congregations.


What do you think of this use of technology? Have you experienced it? What did you think?

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