How will you be spending Thanksgiving?

 Joining with others for Thanksgiving dinner
ots of people are asking this question this week.

Here’s my answer: We just arrived from traveling out West to visit my wife’s parents. Today, I’m grateful for them — my son’s only grandparents. My parents passed away long before our son was born, so I am thankful that he has the living experience of grandparents who love him.

Here’s what others are saying: Traveling to see relatives and friends turns out to be the #1 answer to a question Guideposts asked last week in an online poll: “How will you be spending Thanksgiving this year?”  Thirty-nine percent of 3,400 online respondents gave this answer.
    “Serving food at a shelter” was the #2 response (24% of respondents).  Other responses were “hosting family and friends” (14%) and “attending church services” (12%).
    “When we see these results, showing that nearly 1 in 4 of those who took the poll are serving in shelters,” said Guideposts Online Managing Editor Anne Simpkinson, “it underscores the fact that many Americans take seriously the meaning and values surrounding Thanksgiving – that of gratitude and thankfulness expressed by helping and sharing with others.”

NOW, it’s your turn!
    How will you be spending Thanksgiving this year?
    What are you thankful for today?

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