Hunger: Where do the hungriest Americans live?

Record numbers of Americans are hungry, unable to secure enough food on a regular basis to maintain health and normal activity. They miss meals. Many are malnourished. Some live close to starvation. (Scroll down on the right for earlier posts this week on food insecurity in America.)


QUESTION 1: WHICH STATE IS HUNGRIEST? Which state in the union has the highest prevalence of food insecurity? Here are some clues. The prevalence of food insecurity is higher in the South than any other region. Bill Clinton is very familiar with the southern state with the hungriest people. 

QUESTION 2: WHICH STATE IS THE MOST SECURE? Looking at American regions, the lowest prevalence of food insecurity is in the Northeast. But the individual state with the lowest prevalence of food insecurity is not in the Northeast. Clue: Teddy Roosevelt National Park is located there.

ANSWER 1: The Clinton clue probably gave it away—or perhaps you recognized the photo, above, as Little Rock. Arkansas has the highest prevalence of food insecurity—17.7% of Americans who live in The Natural State (formerly known, somewhat ironically, as The Land of Opportunity State) can’t depend on having enough food on the table. Other states with high levels of food insecurity include Alabama (15%), Georgia (15.6%), Mississippi (17.1%), and Texas (17.4%).

ANSWER 2: The state with the highest percentage of food-secure citizens is North Dakota. Only 6.7% of those who live in The Roughrider State don’t get enough food on a regular basis. Other states with a low prevalence of food insecurity are Delaware (9.5%), New Hampshire (8.9%), and Virginia (9.2%). Of course, “low” is a relative term—even these states with “low” prevalence have far too many hungry people.

What do you see where you live?

Is the upward trend in food insecurity noticeable? 

What about efforts to get food to America’s hungry?

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