Ideal political matchup: Coke vs. Starbucks for office! WEEK, I’m asking: Since companies now are allowed to fund campaigns—why not run for office?

On Monday, I asked about Starbucks as a candidate. Today, let’s consider Coca-Cola! In fact, let’s consider a head-to-head political matchup between Coke and Starbucks—the kind of question political pollsters love to pose to American voters.

What’s more American than Coke? Or better known around the world? The soft-drink maker sells billions around the globe. And, their new tag line, “Open Happiness,” couldn’t be more American: Don’t worry; be happy! Coke is not without criticism, but they are demonstrating more attuned environmental consciousness than many of our current politicians. On Earth Day last year, Coca-Cola billboards in 50 countries went dark in support of the environment. These included the landmark billboards in Times Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Kings Cross. 

Coke has experience working positively with developing nations. Over 50,000 indigenous farmers in Africa are becoming part of Coca-Cola’s supply chain, growing mango and passion fruit for the company. This is projected to double the farmers’ incomes by 2014. 

How do YOU vote in this head-to-head matchup: Coke or Starbucks?

If it was “Coke vs. Starbucks” in the election next Tuesday, who would get your vote?

Which corporation is better qualified for high office?

Add your “Comment” below.

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