If Polls Ruled: Would we continue to have freaky storms like Juno?

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Snowfall recorded January 27 2014

Juno—the massive winter storm pounding New England—isn’t quite the historic storm the National Weather Service predicted. But climate change scientists attribute Juno (and the severe, variable weather we’ve had in recent years) to global warming.

If polls ruled, what would the majority of Americans want done?

In his State of the Union address, Obama heralded the historic agreement between the U.S. and China to cut or limit carbon emissions. A majority of the American people favor proposals to reduce carbon emissions, reports Gallup. In March 2014, 65% of Americans said that they favored “setting higher emission standards for business and industry.” And, almost as many (63%) favored “imposing mandatory controls on carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases.”

These majorities, however, are lower than they used to be. Gallup’s data shows a downward slide in support for these two emissions proposals. In 2003, for example, 80% of Americans favored setting higher standards for business and industry, and 75% favored imposing mandatory controls on emissions and greenhouse.

Meanwhile, one of Congress’s leading global warming skeptics—Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma—just voted in favor of a resolution that “climate change is real and not a hoax.” However, he continues to scoff at the idea that climate change has anything to do with human activity.

Do you favor higher emission standards for business and industry?

Do you support imposing mandatory controls on carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases?

Should public opinion set climate policy?

Your viewpoint matters …

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